Presentation + party of the 4 Kunst-LABORE BEDARFSHALTESTELLE with Susanne Gabler 13.09.2022

Presentation of the ART LABORATORIES
with the artists:
Tino Bittner, Astrid Brünner, Matthias Dettmann, Drittvariable (Lena Biesalski, Felix Fugenzahn, Susanne Gabler, Christian Schönwälder)

Tuesday, September 20, 2022, from 5 p.m., in Studio 36
Barnsdorfer Weg 36, 18057 Rostock

Christof Krüger, Susanne Gabler, Anna Silberstein, Annekathrin Siems
Further informationen: kunstlandschaft.works
Drittvariable Labor , © 2022 Christian Schönwälder
Artists and artist groups have joined forces in interdisciplinary collaborations
artistically and researchingly dealt with the needs of rural areas.
Four art LABORATORIES were created.

The concept of REQUIREMENTS STOP stands for needs, imbalances and social gaps, but also free spaces.
Four artistic LABORATORIES examine socio-cultural/socio-economic topoi and settings of rural areas in interdisciplinary cooperation and using new presentation and mediation concepts.
A central aspect of the LABORE is the artistic processing or reaction to "external impulses", such as the examination of positions and methodological approaches of other disciplines in relation to the range of topics of the needs of rural regions.
The LABORE are an expression of artistic research. An approach that underlies the (artistic) creation and which illustrates the social relevance of the thinking and production of artists. From Inke Maria Hahnen


In March 2023 ETF! will reveal its new digital look - stay tuned!


ZNE! returns to the place of the beginning of the traveling exhibition - for the 20th station from May 11th - July 17th 2023 in the Uferhallen in Berlin, for the final analogue explorations in aesthetics and sustainability with a large dialogue program and workshops on natural building materials, for the establishment of a FÄN and for a look at the full ZNE journey and experience route!
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